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Epic Karnataka

This program is designed on the important places in the state of Karnataka. This state is a tapestry of colors, cultures, flavors, landscapes, timelessness and heart-stopping beauty. The highlights of the program are archeologically important temples of Belur and Halebid. Here the temples are not about worship but it is about the culture. Visit the famous Flower Market in Mysore vibrant with colors and not to miss visiting famous Mysore Palace with its architecture.

Sand, sea, and natural habitats make up to the landscapes of Karnataka. Space City, Electronic City, Scotland of India, Heritage City and the Rome of the East, these are some of the ebullient titles that connect with the towns of Karnataka. Indulge in adventure activities at Coorg, wander around the lanes in Bangalore, go for prayer in the architectural wonder called Murudeshwar or go for a Coorg Plantation walk, Karnataka is a popular destination in South India and has a lot to take a look at. The state is a tapestry of culture, flavors, landscapes, and timeless beauty. If planning a tour to Karnataka and don’t know from where to start the planning then have a look at the tailor-made packages that Tour My India has created for their customer. At Tour My India, you can find different types of packages that will suit your purpose like there is a Karnataka Jain Temple Tour, which covers the major Jain temples in Karnataka.


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Day 1



Arrive Bangalore.

You are met, assisted and transferred to your hotel.

Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) is the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state. The center of India’s high-tech industry, the city is also known for its parks and nightlife. By Cubbon Park, Vidhana Soudha is a Neo-Dravidian legislative building

In the afternoon we leave for a trip to Bengaluru city. The joyful, soulful and colorful city is awaiting your presence, feel the pulse of the surroundings as you drive through Vidhan Soudha, the High Court, the Nandi Bull Temple and Tipu Sultan’s Palace. Get nostalgic over this exhilarating building built by an Islamic King. Today it is converted into a museum encompassing in itself the age-old glories of Tipu Sultan and Haidar Ali.  While you drive down the memory lanes, you will also be viewing the Bangalore Palace – inspired by Tudor style Windsor Castle.

These sites are so magnificent that it leaves us with little time to spare for other things but, if time permits we could quickly have a look into the Venkatappa Art Gallery and a Government Museum which was established in 1886. This museum has hidden mysteries of the prehistoric city of Mohenjo-Daro.

Day 2

Bengaluru – Belur – Halebid – Chikmagalur


In the morning you will drive to Chikmagalur enroute visit Belur and Halebid.

Belur tells the historical saga of its king Vishnu Vardhana who made this city grandeur of architectural delight in commemoration of his victory over viceroy of Talakadu in 12th Century AD. Legend has it that it took 103 years to complete the task of construction by Vishnu Vardhan’s grandson. It is still partially incomplete. The sculptures of animals, epics, and dancers are so intricately carved that no space is left to put an item more. Each picture speaks of its own tales, the temple pillars and walls are so intrinsically laden with temple architecture that one has to really be there to feel the pulsating art.

Near Belur is Halebid, set amidst lush greens of rolling agricultural lands standing tall on the distant hills – this Hoysala capital of 12th and 13th century is famous for its Hoysaleswara Temple which is a pair of identical temples each having its own Shivalingam. The beauty of these temples comes alive as the prayers are done by the Maharaja’s – the temple priests – the Shlokas and Shank create an element of mysticism which no one can explain; it can only be felt.

Later we continue with your drive to Chikkamagaluru.

Day 3

Chikkamagaluru – Hospet


In the morning you will drive ho Hospet enroute visit, Chitradurga Fort.

We break our journey at Chitradurga Fort and sightseeing of this great majestic and as its name suggests – picturesque fort which also foretells the glorious historical past. It is very easy to overlook this fort but anyone who has spent time in the fort has found it worthwhile. After sightseeing, we continue with our journey to Hospet.

Day 4

Hospet – Hampi – Hospet


In the morning we leave for the visit of the World Heritage Site of Hampi – the capital of Vijayanagar Empire just 15 km from Hospet. The entire day is spent amidst the historical folklores and cultural genres of the greatest empire ever. Feast your eyes upon a city that is frozen in time. The ruins are established amongst a range of large boulders, thanks to volcanic activity from centuries past and green palm trees, banana plantations, spectacular Blue River and the bluest sky in India all add to the allure of Hampi.  One should savour the time spent in Hampi as you can as legend says that, “you visit Hampi just once in a lifetime.”

Day 5

Hospet – Badami


In the morning You will drive to Badami.

Afternoon we leave for our visit of Aihole snuggled on the bank of Malaprabha River is the most dramatically picturesque village of the once renowned Chalukya dynasty. The houses of the residents are juxtaposed with old monument or debris.  Aihole marks the beginning of temple art in the Deccan; dotted with hundreds of superbly hand carved temples the entire city has an aura of immense peace and serenity. Indulge in the harmony where the “presence of the divine is genuinely felt.”

Continue your tour with visit of Pattadakal – a township of Jain sanctuary and architectural brilliance. The most famous site is the Virupaksha Temple built by Queen Lokamahadevi in commemoration of her husband King Vikramaditya II victory over Pallavas in 731. The narrative art of the temples depicts different episodes from the great Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, the holy book Bhagavata Purana as well as the tales of Panchatantra. 

After the visit we continue with our drive back to Badami.

Day 6



Ruled once by the mighty Chalukya – this capital city of Badami echoes with the agonies it had to face under the plunders of Pallavas, Adil Shahis, Hyder Ali & also by British soldiers who made it a part of Bombay Presidency. Several temples and carvings are found all around the horseshoe-shaped lake flanked by tall cliffs on three sides. A waterfall, which comes alive for a few hours when it rains, adds to the charm of the landscape dotted with temples.

Today is all set for the regal visit to Cave Temple Complex in at houses the famous 18 armed Natraja, in 81 poses; go further up to cave 4 to see the only Jain Temple dedicated to the 24th Jain Tirthankara Mahavira.

The most mystical is the Bhutnath  Cave on the bank of Bhutnath lake – which has tremendous healing properties and it is also known for its shrine of Nagamma – the local serpent goddess housed within the massive tamarind tree: near to which is a Shiva Temple – with Shiva leaving back in splendid majesty a really rare pose.

Day 7

Badami – Dandeli


In the morning you will drive to Dandeli –  a small town which beats the common notion of ‘little to explore’ and offers adventurers with a host of

exhilarating activities, one that is quite too adventurous to forget anytime soon. River rafting is famous and one of the core important things to do in Dandeli. There’s a lot to do and enjoy here to satiate your hunger for adventure.

Based around River Kali, Dandeli is a hot spot for rafting enthusiasts and magnetizes people to come and try their hand at taming the rapids of this river. Forests around Dandeli are renowned for being home to the big five; Elephant, Bison, Panther, Tiger and Leopard. 

All in all, Dandeli is much more than what a traveller expects. Revel in activities and adventures and make memories for years to come in this Karnataka town

Day 8



Today you will enjoy the Morning Safari at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary completely a paradise for wildlife lovers, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 834.16 square kilometres and has been recognized as the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. Declared the National Wildlife Sanctuary in 1956, it houses a wide variety of flora and fauna, including tigers, woodpeckers, Hornbills, Kingfishers, Leopards, Elephant, etc.

Afternoon is free to relax or take the Rafting tour on river Kali.

Day 9

Dandeli – Shivamogga


In the morning you will drive to Shivamogga.

In the southwest lies the small town of Shivamogga famous for the Shivappa Nayaka Palace Museum built between 16th- to 18th-century with stone carvings displayed on its lawns. Nearby is the huge, modern Sacred Heart Cathedral. Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is home to species such as egrets and cormorants. The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary shelters elephants, tigers and panthers. Northwest of Shimoga are the powerful, towering Jog Falls.

Afternoon visit Jog Falls – The second highest waterfalls in India, the Jog falls cascade from a towering height of about 253ft and originate in the flows of the Sharavathi River. The Jog falls are one of the most stunning of all Shimoga tourist places. The Jog falls are actually constituted out of four major and distinct falls i.e. Raja Falls. Roarer Falls, Rocket Falls and the Rani Falls.

You can also view the falls from the opposite side, after descending about 1400 stairs. Located in the SagarTaluk, it is the most sought after tourist places near Shimoga. The region around the falls is covered by dense vegetation, which makes up for even more stunning backdrops for the cascades.

Later visit Ikkeri which is a small historical place located about 3 km from the town of Shimoga in SagarTaluk. The main attraction in Ikkeri is the Aghoreshwara temple which was built by the Keladinayakas. The temple has been dedicated to Lord Shiva and is surrounded by a vast open space.

Day 10

Depart Bengaluru


After Breakfast at Hotel, We will drive to Bengaluru airport to board your onward flight home.

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Vasco Travel is proud to be known as a family-run travel company in the Indian inbound tourism market. Started its journey in 1990, the company today is in the hands of the third generation.


Vasco Travel is proud to be known as a family-run travel company in the Indian inbound tourism market. Started its journey in 1990, the company today is in the hands of the third generation.


Divine ancient tour - karnataka

10 Days
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